Creating Value - Driving Results - Delivering the Difference

TLX Logistics’ consulting services employs individuals who have reached the highest ranks in managing the various Supply-Chain components for large multi-national companies. Its greatest contribution today lies in sharing their expertise and knowledge with others.

Clearly deploying unbiased, knowledgeable resources to address these current Supply-Chain processes and providing a host of innovative and best-practice solutions is paramount to maintaining a company’s growth and profitability.

With spiraling advances in communication and data technology, the influx of foreign competition, the advent of the Internet, company consolidations, mergers, and a host of other factors, businesses that were once local have now become complex and global in scope.

The first giant step towards creating a value proposition begins by forming a strategic partnership and engaging qualified people capable of maximizing their collective skills and developing a deliverable Supply-Chain strategy to combat these new challenges, to reduce costs and help achieve a competitive advantage.

Without question, consultants who have hands-on experience can better relate, empathize and connect with their client’s resources and execute a more realistic approach to an innovative business solution. As project leaders we will create value, drive results and deliver the difference.



Greif Bros. Corp., Delaware OH
Preferred Rubber Compounding Corp., Barberton OH
Snap On Tools, Kenosha WI
FMC Corp., Madera CA